Refund policy

Our service is a gateway between the inmate's Trulincs system and the outside world. It stands ready to connect them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If at any time our service is down for any reason, they will be given credit for that time.

At any given time the inmate may not able to use our service because their access to the Trulincs system has been restricted for some reason, such as Corrlinks being offline, lack of funds on the inmates Trulincs account, intitutional lockdown, transfer, loss of privileges, zombie apocalypse, or even the inmate being specifically banned from using our service by the institution.

By depositing money into their account with us, you specifically acknowledge that:

We are upholding our obligation by making our service available, even if the inmate is unable to use it for any reason.

Once you deposit the money with us it becomes a gift to the inmate.

We cannot issue a refund for any amounts that have been applied to their account, such as initial set up fee, monthly renewal fee, international text messages, any other premium services they may request.

On request we may be able to gift an available balance that remains in their account and that has not been applied to any service, to another inmate's account on our service.

Thus there are NO REFUNDS sent back to the buyer.

Should you have any concerns regarding your loved one's account please contact and remember to include your loved-one's BOPID in the Subject- DO NOT set up a dispute with Paypal as this will incur an automatic $25 admin fee which will be deducted from the loved one's account.

Subscription / Recurring payments

We do not manage or cancel subscriptions. That is your sole responsibility. According to PayPal's site the following steps can be taken to cancel automatic payments from coming out of your account in the future. Use the following steps to cancel a billing agreement, automatic recurring payment or subscription:

1. Inside of PayPal, click Settings at the top of the page.

2. Click Payments.

3. Click Manage pre-approved payments.

4. Select the merchant's name or email address.

5. Click Cancel.

Paypal help link on how to cancel your subscription / recurring payments at any time - click here.